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Everything you should know about the view from View Boston

View Boston is a newly opened viewing platform located atop the Prudential Tower. It is trending to become a must-visit attraction for those seeking a unique vantage of Boston. Stay on this page to find out more about the view and what to expect from your visit to View Boston.

The view from the 52nd floor observatory

View from Prudential Tower during night

The 52nd Floor Observatory of View Boston is an indoor observation deck that provides magnificent views of Boston City. You can admire the panoramic view of the city, including the iconic Fenway Park, Charles River, and neighboring skyscrapers. ‘The Lookout’ elevated platforms are equipped with high-tech telescopes, interactive touch screens, which let you peek beyond the horizon, and the knowledgeable staff guide you to locate notable landmarks, enhancing your experience.

Views from the 51st floor open-air roof deck

Visitors in Rooftop in Prudential Tower

View from the View Boston restaurants

Cocktail lounge at Prudential Tower

Dining at View Boston is an experience unlike any other, with its stunning views of Boston City. Here are some must-visit dining destinations with breathtaking views:

Cocktail Lounge on the 51st Floor: Enjoy beverages with a view at an indoor-outdoor cocktail lounge.

Bistro on the 50th Floor: This family-friendly bistro provides an elegant atmosphere and stunning views of the city from the 50th floor.

Frequently asked questions the View Boston

What is the view from View Boston like?

The view from View Boston is truly breathtaking. Located on the top three floors of the Prudential Tower, experience a 360-degree view of Boston City like no other! Admire iconic landmarks such as Fenway Park and the Charles River from a high vantage point.

Which floor of View Boston has the best views?

View Boston spans the 50th, 51st, and 52nd floors of the Prudential Tower. Each floor offers a unique perspective of the city. The 52nd floor provides indoor panoramic views, the 51st floor features a 360-degree open-air roof deck, and the 50th floor houses interactive exhibits and a family-friendly bistro.

Is the view from View Boston worth it?

Absolutely! The view from View Boston is truly mesmerizing. With panoramic views of iconic landmarks and breathtaking scenery, it is a must-visit destination.

How much are tickets to the View Boston observation deck?

View Boston tickets are priced at $40.36.

Can I take pictures of the view at View Boston?

Yes, taking photos for personal use at the View Boston observation deck is allowed. Soak in stunning views from the observation decks and capture memorable moments.

Do any of the restaurants at View Boston come with a good view?

Yes, View Boston has fine dining options with great views of the city. Visit The Beacon or Stratus to enjoy a delicious meal while taking in the breathtaking panoramic view.